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  1. guttyla

    guttyla Well-Known Member

    I was hoping to be able to easily work on excel spreadsheets with it, but it doesn't make it easier. I am trying to see if documents to go will make it easier, but my first try didn't help. It doesn't seem to support some simple formatting I need to do. Other than that it is much easier to use phone...imo

  2. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    The Bionic Lapdock is inferior to Lapdock 100. Neither of them will ever be confused with a laptop. Making basic changes to a basic spreadsheet will work. I found that the touchpad on the Bionic Lapdock was so bad that I always used a mouse.

    ... Thom
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  3. guttyla

    guttyla Well-Known Member

    Wish I can think if something I can use it for
  4. Stingrayracing

    Stingrayracing Active Member

    I picked up both the Bionic Lapdock and the Lapdock 100 when they were on sale pretty cheap. Personally, I like both of them but I think the Bionic Lapdock is the better of the two. As far as the mouse pad goes, I changed the pointer speed and the mouse pad works fine for me. I also use a mouse sometimes too. I can use Quick Office to do most of the simple things I need. The best thing about the Lapdocks is internet access without paying extra fees when not around wifi as with a tablet. The only issue I had was lack of volume control through the Lapdock speakers. I solved this by routing the sound through the phone speaker instead of the Lapdock. I am sure someone would be willing to take yours off your hands.
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  5. guttyla

    guttyla Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'll play with it for a while and see if I can find value in it
  6. guttyla

    guttyla Well-Known Member

    Using a mouse is a world of difference
  7. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide


    I wanted it to provide a slide-show from an Internet website at a demo booth. I could not control it without a mouse.

    ... Thom
  8. ErisDroid?

    ErisDroid? Well-Known Member

    Just got a lapdock for christmas and I love the concept behind it. BUT i hate the software. It's just a tablet version of Android. The old webtop was a much better version, too bad there wasn't a way to go back.

    there's my $.02

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