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  1. somadritenow

    somadritenow New Member

    I have a HTC Desire X, I was watching YouTube perfectly fine, went on NBA Gametime which worked and then crashed, after this i went back to youtube to find out it wasn't playing videos. I went to open a video I recorded on the phone which wouldn't even play! No videos play on any app or website... 'Cannot play video, Sorry, This video cannot be played' It comes up with a second of audio and the first frame of the video but then has the error message. I uninstalled NBA GameTime which has done nothing, rebooted, still nothing. No modifications,only bought a month ago. I'm new to androids so very confused and annoyed. Please help.

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    You might try uninstall the updates of your stock video player in Settings, Apps, All ... and install it again from the phone's Play Store.

    And additionally you'd install a good video player that can play much more video formats, like MX Player :)


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