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not able to add Hotmail account

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  1. Vikrant86

    Vikrant86 New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I have got my new HTC desire S recently.
    I have configured both google and yahoo account on my phone without problem, but when I am trying to add hotmail account it is giving pop up saying Authentication failed check user ID password(with POP settings) or Your server is not responding (for IMAP settings)

    If anyone knows how to resolve this problem..Please let me know ASAP.

  2. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    Make sure you set your Hotmail account on your phone for POP settings. Hotmail does not use the IMAP protocol.

    If you haven't already, you can try the manual setup under 'Other (POP3/IMAP)'. The default settings should be:

    Incoming Server Settings
    POP3 Server: pop3.live.com
    Port: 995
    Security Type: SSL

    Outgoing server settings
    SMTP server: smtp.live.com
    Port: 587
    Security Type: TLS

    Other things to consider and try:

    It could be a local Hotmail problem, so try again later.

    You might have your Hotmail account set to connect with HTTPS. This might be causing an issue. You'll have to log-in to your Hotmail account via the web to confirm this setting.

    Some people find changing their country/region on their Hotmail account settings helps.

    Simply changing to a different password has helped some people overcome this issue, too.

    Alternatively, you can try the Hotmail app from Android Market.
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  3. Vikrant86

    Vikrant86 New Member

    Hey Friend it Helped! It Helped!
    And I am so much Happy.
    Thank A lot.......

    Keep up the good work..

    Thank once again

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