Not Able To Download Apps From Android Market. Help Please.

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  1. sunnysue

    sunnysue New Member

    Hi. Nice to meet you all. I brought this tablet

    It came with all the apps listed. However after a while the ITV Player stopped working. I thought I would uninstall it and reinstall it to see if that would work. But, I am unable to download any apps from the android market. It just says "This device is not compatible" Does anyone know why I am unable to download anything? Any help appreciated.
    Hugs Sue.

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Hi Sue, did it have the Android market on there to begin with or are you trying to install via the market website and a PC?

    A lot of the "generic" tablets aren't licensed to use the market and as such, will error when you try to install stuff.
  3. sunnysue

    sunnysue New Member

    Hi. Thank you for your reply. My tablet did have android market installed on it. But it seems to just access a few apps. Most of the apps there I can download. But I am unable to download apps from the actual website. I did manage to install ITV Player from a different app website. The sound works fine. But the video is blank.
    Hugs Sue.

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