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Not able to play SWF in XoomSupport

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  1. tosujoydutta

    tosujoydutta New Member

    Hi all,

    I have created SWF file thru Captivate 5.5 and published for flash player 10.0.

    I copied the SWF file in the memory card of the Motorola Xoom and I tried to play the SWF file locally from the phone browser through this link: file://sdcard/<filename>.swf

    I am not a ble to play the SWF file in Xoom. :(
    Note: In Motorola Xoom, there is Flash Player 10.2 and Android 3.0.

    I need your help, could you tell me what might be the reason of not playing the SWF file in Motorola Xoom.

  2. tosujoydutta

    tosujoydutta New Member

    I cannot play any SWF file locally in Xoom.
  3. steven605

    steven605 New Member

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