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not able to update

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  1. beneschmitz

    beneschmitz New Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 15, 2010
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    hey guys!

    i tried to root my magic (32B) a few months ago but it didn't work and since then i am using android 1.5 on it. Why? I'm not able to do anything - SPL update fails, installing NBH fails..

    I've tried to install it today once again but it just didn't work. it's always like 'Main Version is older! Update fail!'

    my phone:
    htc magic 32B
    HBOOT 1.33.0007
    android 1.5 (original htc one, without the vf branding)

    could anyone help me pls? i just want to go back to the original vodafone firmware and then install the OTA 2.2 froyo..

    best regards,


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