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  1. Mindbullet

    Mindbullet New Member

    Hello Forum
    I am having an issue with uploading images to place in to my apps using App Inventor. When I click on Background Image section then click Add I get the Upload File window but I am not able to browse any files. I have attached an image of what I see.
    Can anyone advise?

    Thank You


    In addition this seems to be happening with all sections where I should be able to add/upload images.

  2. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

    Moved to the App Inventor forums
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  3. Mindbullet

    Mindbullet New Member

    Thank you for moving this post, I shall ensure all my posts from now are in the correct subject. :)
  4. Mindbullet

    Mindbullet New Member

    Well I was not reading the installation text through enough; yep all I had to do was to plug in my phone and it then let me browse my PC folders.
    Lesson = Read the info properly. :eek:

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