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  1. Ryanteck

    Ryanteck Well-Known Member

    well after Saturday I have had my phone 3-4 days

    now its playing up again !
    originally my phone decided to lock me out so 3 took it for over 2 weeks and failed to flash the phone so sent me a brand new phone

    now my phone dont lock me out ( yet)

    it now decides to go roaming all the time ( network signal)
    although my other one was not the best my Nokia e63 gets 4 or more bars ( basicly full)

    so i have to take it in on staturday

    im also going to my diplomia school in royston that has 5 bars on my nokia tomorow

    i wonder what it will be there?

  2. Ryanteck

    Ryanteck Well-Known Member

    any suggestions?
  3. Ryanteck

    Ryanteck Well-Known Member

    i took it back and got a new one , this one works ( touch wood ) hopefully no more replacements
  4. Motor_mad

    Motor_mad Member

    so ive had my racer for 4 months now, since i hit may everything started to go wrong, i couldnt get it to charge, screen kept locking, when i was playing my songs it would randomly play another song i had never heard in my life over the top, i backed out of the music app and it still kept on playing, turned it off then on still it kept playing so i let it die then attempt to charge it which thankfully worked, now the battery hardly keeps its charge, in 10mins it looses 15% on standbye, dont know what to do since i have no money to get a new phone:confused::(

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