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Not all applications are available in the marketplace

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  1. MaxiP

    MaxiP Active Member

    I was getting confused / frustrated that I could find many apps in the marketplace even though they were free & available in UK. Had a google about the market apps and now understand why I can't see many apps. Original article HTC Tattoo’s #Android Market will not list apps that don’t support QVGA display option [UPDATE] | Google Android Blog

    "When HTC Tattoo owners open the Android Market for the first time, they will discover a Market that is a bit lighter than what’s seen on other devices. That’s because the Market will not list any Android app that doesn’t expressly state in its manifest that the app will display and function correctly on a QVGA resolution."

    In other words, unles an existing app has been tagged as working correctly on QVGA, then it won't appear. That's not to say that the apps won't work, just they don't appear (I know as I'm successfully running apps that don't appear in marketplace). If you can find the app you need, you can download the .apk and install through the sync software.....if you can find the .apk

    Hope that helps any others experiencing the same issue.


  2. brittas

    brittas Well-Known Member

    So where can we find the .apk files for certain apps?
  3. MaxiP

    MaxiP Active Member

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