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  1. archades

    archades New Member

    Having trouble viewing some pretty popular apps on the marketplace
    Phone is unlocked and rooted running 2.2
    Are we allowed to request free apps in here? Or are there other ways to get the free apps? I'd really like Taskos To Do List for android | Task List | Todo List for my galaxy 5 but it doesn't show at all in the marketplace even though it's meant to be totally free?

    Any help would be appreciated

  2. loop4444

    loop4444 Active Member

    thats because some apps dont support our qvga resulution. its maybe written for wvga or something. its kinda stupid,cuz most of this apps automaticly resize to your screen,its part of android OS.its just developers being a bit lazy.i speak from experiance,say reckless racing game-its meant to be played on larger screens but plays just fine on my cut off-s or anything,its perfectly scaled.

    so search here for some other great to-do apps:
    todo - Search Android Apps on AppBrain

    or just try to find taskos apk file and manually push it to the phone
  3. archades

    archades New Member

    Been trying like crazy to get the apk file with no luck. Looking for a good task list with voice support basically.

    I really hate this qvga not supported stuff, specially when ones i've manually gotten work anyway.

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