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  1. Elit3

    Elit3 Member

    Hey guys, I bought a nexus s outright on Saturday, (Tuesday today) and put in my plan sim card which is with Vodafone Australia. The problem is that when I check for system updates it says 'Your system is currently up to date.' when i know it isn't, it is only on 2.3.3 and i can't update to even 2.3.4, how do i fix this :eek:

  2. megadude

    megadude Well-Known Member

  3. Elit3

    Elit3 Member

    For anyone wonder (I got a new phone sgs3) vodafone AU had not published the update yet and i manually updated to 4.0.3 and afew weeks later 4.0.4 was release and i got an OTA for that

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