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  1. mjc120671

    mjc120671 Member

    I tried to download an app that is about 20 something megs and i get a message about insuffient space which isnt true because i have plenty of space. I heard somewhere that there is a cap on the size of a file you can download. is there any way around this?

    samsung has to do something about this memory issue.

  2. gblues

    gblues Well-Known Member

    There is not much you can do without rooting the phone. The problem with this device is that the Dalvik cache is stored on internal memory, so even though you install apps to the SD card there are still files being added to the internal memory. Further, updates to stock apps don't erase the original version. So e.g. when you download the latest version of Facebook, it takes up 2x the space--the original version and the old version. It all adds up and results in bloating past the capacity of the phone.

    Also, there's generally a limit of ~20MB downloads over 3G, so make sure you are downloading over wifi.
  3. as439726

    as439726 Well-Known Member

    Also this phone has BRUTAL small amount of internal storage. I hate it. Just waiting to get my next upgrade.
    I am rooted and still hardly any space
  4. gblues

    gblues Well-Known Member

    Try using my ROM. You'll have plenty of space, although the tiny cache partition still causes issues with downloading larger apps on the Android Market (I can't d/l Angry Birds Space because the APK is nearly 30MB and the phone's cache partition is only 20MB). Look in the "All things root" section for the link!
  5. as439726

    as439726 Well-Known Member

    Thankfully I'm dumping this pos soon with my upgrade

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