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  1. one1speed

    one1speed Well-Known Member

    Good morning. For some reason, I am suddenly not getting 4g service. I was having trouble obtaining a data signal over the weekend, but since have restarted a couple of times and pulled the battery. Phone seems to be running fine otherwise, but am only getting 3g, where I've always gotten 4g. I have done the ICS upgrade and the phone had been running quite well.

    I'm in Columbus, Ohio, if anyone else is seeing this issue locally. Appreciate any thoughts.

  2. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    Did you already go into the mobile data settings and verified LTE/CDMA was enabled? Assuming you found someone else who is getting decent 4G service, try toggling into Airplane mode, wait a minute or two, then toggle out of it. If that fails, since you have already done the battery pull and reset, remove the battery, then remove the SIM card and let the phone sit for a good 5 minutes, then reinsert the SIM card and battery, replace the back and power up... if that still fails you are in a tough spot, calling Verizon will likely get one of two responses, a new SIM card and/or a factory reset.
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  3. one1speed

    one1speed Well-Known Member

    Good thoughts, thank you. I'll take a look and walk through your steps. Appreciate the detailed reply.
  4. one1speed

    one1speed Well-Known Member

    Ok, think I have this. Problem was, the data settings menu wouldn't come up. I had looked and looked, but did a battery pull again while the phone was on, and it came back after restart. Wow, I thought I was losing my mind, was the phone acting up. Hopefully back to smooth sailing...thanks again.
  5. Eric2

    Eric2 Well-Known Member

    acejavelin - Thanks for the remove battery & SIM car suggestion! Solved my issue!

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