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Not getting all my emails on phoneSupport

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  1. racefan25

    racefan25 Well-Known Member

    I have noticed that NOT all of my emails are coming to the phone. I opened my emails on PC and had 3 new emails from yesterday morning that never came to phone at all. I noticed this last week also. I am running the stock email app with a verizon.net account. It takes forever to load the emails anymore it seems also and for sure is not updating every 15 minutes like it is set up to do.

    Any body else having this same problem:confused:

  2. FxsX24

    FxsX24 Well-Known Member

    i have gotten new emails from yesterday from aol on stock app
  3. ImgBurn

    ImgBurn Well-Known Member

    Hey racefan25,

    Whats up with that?? Having same issues as you. I have an AOL account.
    Iam running ICS G7 have not upgraded to Jelly Bean K3 yet. For me it's always
    been a little flaky but never like this. I had to do a force sync to push the
    e-mails through but you should not have to do that. I'm on phone to VZ
    will let you known what they say.
  4. racefan25

    racefan25 Well-Known Member

    Please do LMK as I am on verizon also. Mine did not even download them after a forced sync. The email program in PC was never opened in till tonight and the emails came in yesterday at 7am
  5. ImgBurn

    ImgBurn Well-Known Member


    Sorry for not getting back sooner. It's been a mess at my house Christmas coming ,
    Mayan Doomsday,cats & dogs living together total mass hysteria! My internet and tv
    have been out for 4 days.

    Verizon Verizon calling is a crap shoot:confused: got hung up on a few times no real help.
    One lady said to put K-9 Mail on phone that would fix it another said (the
    gold standard of verizon Tec Support) factory reset:smokingsomb:.

    The last CSR I talked to said delete e-mail acc. (which I already tried It wouldn't delete).
    Onward to Samsung who could not figure out why I could not delete my e-mail acc.
    They said they would call me back yesterday never did. But both Vz & Samsung
    did say this is an ongoing issue for aol, yahoo, hotmail etc. may be solved in an OTA.

    What you need to do is delete acc. I'm assuming you can delete it (if you can't let me known).
    And just put it back on but don't chose the cute verizon icon click others and load it
    that way. It's working better than before for me, you just can't set it up with the cute icons.

    Hope this Helps...:)
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  6. LeJohn23

    LeJohn23 New Member

    I am having the same issues with my AOL and a friend of mine is having the issues with one of his email accounts. It all started when I updated my phone a week or so ago. Neither I nor my friend are able to delete the account and re-enter the information.
  7. racefan25

    racefan25 Well-Known Member

    i will have to delete and reinstall. the last few days I have not noticed any emails not coming to phone but not had a lot of emails also. Thanks you for the reply back for what the other companies have said to try.
  8. ImgBurn

    ImgBurn Well-Known Member


    You could do a factory reset that's what Verizon wanted me to do.:(
    For me a factory reset is the last thing I want to do. It seems very extreme
    because one program is not working. OK here's how I deleted my non deletable
    aol account. Sometimes when I tried to get it to work it would say wrong password
    wrong username. So I retyped PW thinking maybe somehow it got changed no go.
    So I just went into (accounts & sync) clicked others and tried to setup the same account
    it would not let me once, twice, third time a box appeared account deleted:D.

    Bingo it was gone I setup the exact same AOL account. After went into Settings/
    Application manager/Email Clear data Clear cache. This is what I did and it worked.

    Hope this Helps...:)
    LeJohn23 likes this.
  9. ImgBurn

    ImgBurn Well-Known Member


    Glad to help. If your having trouble deleting your
    Verizon account see my above post to LeJohn23.

    Good Luck:)
  10. FxsX24

    FxsX24 Well-Known Member

    i had the same issue with email app not working since the JB update. i cleared cache for the app and all was well
  11. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    Everyone seems to give the same "I've got the same issue" but no one is saying exactly what app they are using on their PC, is it a pop account, exchange or IMAP and what are the setting on the PC side and S3 side (and in some cases what app is being used on S3 side).

    The more information that is provided the better the chance to give some help.
  12. LeJohn23

    LeJohn23 New Member

    I was messing around with the application manager earlier and did the same thing and it worked. Called my friend and it fixed his problem too. Just came on here to let everyone know how to solve the problem and I see you already got it. Glad to see we have things figured out!! :party:
  13. pochemunyet

    pochemunyet New Member

    I use Yahoo e-mail on my Verizon HTC Thunderbolt. Every now and then, emails that I read in the Inbox automatically go into trash after I close. This is dangerous because I often empty trash on my PC without reviewing what's in it.

    Also, some Yahoo e-mails often simply don't show up on my phone, but there they are on my PC. I reboot, sync, everything, but they simply aren't there. I search keywords but come up empty.

  14. racefan25

    racefan25 Well-Known Member

    Since I got the 4.1.1 jellybean update my factory email program has worked perfect and a lot better that before. It is like using my PC almost. In fact when I delete a email on PC that was on phone also it removes it from phone instantly not hours or days later and vise versa delete on phone removes it from PC email instantly.

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