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Not Getting All Text Messages

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  1. del2484

    del2484 Well-Known Member

    I know of at least three different people that I don't always receive text messages from. They show it as sent on their phone but I never get it. I use handcent, however I'll check the stock messaging app and they don't appear in there either.

    It's not all messages, just happens here and there. Any idea what it could be?? This is really starting to annoy me and I'm worried it's happening a lot more than I think!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. CBCS

    CBCS Member

    I had/have a similar problem. I was running a GB rom and when I swithced back to froyo it seems to have solved the problem. I have sent a couple of messages that I have yet to receive a response to, but the main person I couldn't reliably get texts from seems to be coming in fine now.
  3. jackburnt

    jackburnt Well-Known Member

    Droid is very limited on memory and you're running out. So it kills the Message service. You need to lock it in memory.

    One reason I'm heading back to Froyo.
  4. del2484

    del2484 Well-Known Member

    That makes sense. How do I lock it in memory?
  5. del2484

    del2484 Well-Known Member

    Actually, wouldn't I eventually get the messages once the messaging service was back up? How is that different than if I'm sent messages while the phone is off but they show up when I turn it back on? In both cases the messaging service isn't running.

    Thanks for the help btw.

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