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Not getting SMS message notifications.

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  1. nsa_sailor

    nsa_sailor Well-Known Member

    I received four texts since I got the watch running, but no notification on the watch that there were messages. I have notifications turned on for both messaging and Verizon messaging, but neither come through. Any ideas?

  2. joesgs4a

    joesgs4a Member

    Happens to me.i realized that if your phone screen is on you wont receive them on the gear.
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  3. SebaKL

    SebaKL Well-Known Member

    This might be a silly question, but did you update the watch firmware and made sure the apps in question are set to receive notifications?
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  4. nsa_sailor

    nsa_sailor Well-Known Member

    Yep, it's a silly question.
    I cleared the cache and data for the gear manager. That got it working again.
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  5. nsa_sailor

    nsa_sailor Well-Known Member

    And yes,joesgs4a, you are correct!
    I checked getting messages with the phone on and dark. With the phone on, no notification, but with the phone dark, I get a notification on the watch.
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