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  1. difinka2

    difinka2 Active Member Contributor

    Hello to all!
    We are either up very late or very early! ;) If If I seem to be rambling on, it's a case of sleep deprivation!
    Our family lives in the metro Phoenix area. I've been married for 21 years and my husband and have a seventeen year old son. My husband is a self taught computer geek and my son is a video game officianado (sp). My hobbies include watching television and.taking care of my family, (which includes four four cats).
    That's all for now...take care everyone!

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Welcome aboard, and be sure to have all four cats join, too. :D
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  3. difinka2

    difinka2 Active Member Contributor

    I believe I owe everyone an apology! I do believe I have a lot of reading and educating of myself before I make another post! I haven't been following protocol with my posts like I should have done!
    I am very sorry for not maintaining my posts and giving proper feed-back to all of the generous persons who have answered my more excuses! There have been several responses to my post and I have neglected to thank you! I am way far down on the technology curve and something I just read told me I cannot submit any more questions on this website/blog until I have taught myself the rules and have done so properly!
    I am a disaster at going back and finding the things which I have posted and that is not correct!
    I have, in the past, ran here to somewhat replace the job my husband use to hold, quick advisor and I now know while it may be ok to shoot a quick question to my partner, it won't work here and I shall do my best to give proper credit, where credit is due!
    If I do not reach members in different areas, it is because I have been limited by my enormous learning curve and I hope I learn to be a more responsible member!
    My heart-felt apologies!
  4. difinka2

    difinka2 Active Member Contributor

    Thank you Frisco and I am sorry for not thanking you sooner!
  5. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    Don't you worry about thanking people! It's nice but NOT REQUIRED :) :p
    Don't stress because it took some time to thank Frisco, that's not why he helped. It's not why any of us help.

    Also, there are no conditions to meet before posting or asking questions! None at all!

    Ask whatever you need, as much as you need. Members and staff will help answer any questions or point you in right direction if we don't know the answers!

    Thanks for signing up, and thanks for checking back in with us!

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