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Not organized apps. How organize at all apps list?

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  1. Grusty

    Grusty Member

    I have a Sony Tablet with android 4.03.

    When i bought had android 3.x. Then came the update.

    At this andrid 4.x is not possible orginize the apps icons. Not at prnicipal screen, at list of all apps icons (with white background. Go to little squares at top-right). Are two tags Apps & Widgets. Just is possible make a alphabetical order or more recent.

    At android 3.x was possible put lines betwen icons lines and move icons. I had sections to scientific apps, travel apps, language app, etc. Now is difficult try to find some apps.

    How can order all apps in that section?


  2. Grusty

    Grusty Member

    Still nothing? :(
  3. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    First off which Sony tablet do you have so we can better assist you today? :)

    I know you can create these sections for apps in your app tray with Nova Launcher Prime

    Hope this helps!
  4. Grusty

    Grusty Member

    Hi. Thanks for answer. But, i'm talking about the apps section not at main screen. At tablet we hawe a little buttom with many squares. That button go to all apps, is possible order by name or date. But i have a lot. At Android 3.x was possible put lines betwen icans line and move icons. For me i had icons of sciencie, news, internet, etc. But now, is not possible. I don't know whf take off the line application.

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