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Not reading sd cardSupport

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  1. rottweilerjim

    rottweilerjim Well-Known Member

    On several occasions when I start my phone my phone won't load my apps from my sd card. When I go to apps then sd card all I see is grey boxes with com.(app name). I either try to redownload the apps or delete them. I've tried different brands and rattings of cards. (Backups are on the card too). Ideas? Fixes? Or is this a samsung thing.

  2. super squirrel

    super squirrel Well-Known Member

    Take off the back cover, find the reset button, push a pin at the reset button and it should start to scan the sd card (This would occasionally happen to me).
  3. rottweilerjim

    rottweilerjim Well-Known Member

    Cool, I just tried this with no luck. Now I think it's the hole with a "R" next to it. So do I push with phone on/off, battery in/out. I hate poking around hot circuits with metal pins untill i'm positive.
  4. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    I have this problem sometimes. What I do is wait for a bit, something with the media scanning process is messing up and even though it reads everything fine. It won't show up apps on the sd card. If waiting a couple of extra minutes doesn't work, then so into your settings and go to unmount the sd card, the mount it again. Apps should appear. this always works for me ;)
  5. rottweilerjim

    rottweilerjim Well-Known Member

    I tried both ideas with no luck. I just started reloadig the apps without erasing and it's working but very tedious but now is a good time to backup to dropbox or another cloud type app. Any suggestions?

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