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Not received the Jelly Bean update, can't connect to KIESSupport

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  1. AndroidGTN7000

    AndroidGTN7000 New Member

    Hello all,

    Yesterday, the well-mentioned Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update came out in the Netherlands for the GT-N7000 Galaxy Note. The only problem is that I haven't received anything yet, not an OTA update at all while I read messages that fellow countrymen did succeed to update their Galaxy Note. My Galaxy Note is SIM-lock free and it isn't bound to any contract.
    That's why I turned to KIES which I have had problems with for months since I can't connect to it at all. The USB port of my phone is broken, so I have to connect to KIES with WIFI, but when I connect to KIES or KIES Light, it doesn't say it's connected to my phone, but my phone says it's connected, or it would just stay forever on the loading screen before it would actually just won't connect.
    As for KIES, I have reinstalled it for about 10 times now, just as 10 times restarted, I even removed the Micro-SD card out of my phone but neither that worked. I am not aware that there are any programs open which could affect the connected, nor I have any ROMS installed.
    I have been searching for ages now, but nothing seemed to have worked for me, which is getting very frustrating now.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

  2. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member

    Did all the other got the notification over the air? Or did they have to use kies?

    Probeer anders eens in het subforum van de note?
  3. AndroidGTN7000

    AndroidGTN7000 New Member

    Bedankt voor je antwoord! Ik weet trouwens niet wat je bedoelt met het subforum. Sorry, ik ben vrij nieuw hier.
    Ik had trouwens een beetje rond gezocht en het zag er naar uit dat het beide OTA en moet KIES zou moeten kunnen.
  4. AndroidGTN7000

    AndroidGTN7000 New Member

    Ah, de Galaxy Note subforum gevonden. Ik zal het daar (ook) proberen.

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