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  1. airdurdaller

    airdurdaller Member

    Hey fellow droid users I have verizon and have an LG revolution, I am not receiving all of my texts for some reason, like I will get maybe a 4 page text and only receive the first page of the text, but then other times I will get all of it, is there something that I can do about this?

  2. sandystorm

    sandystorm Well-Known Member

    Get another phone LOL. Haven't had that problem yet but glad you posted, I had Samsung Fascinate and after an OS update had that problem now will have to watch my Revolution for problems. Thanks again for posting
  3. airdurdaller

    airdurdaller Member

    no problem I believe I need to take it to the verizon store and just ask them if there is a problem with my service or maybe if it is just a defective revo
  4. drjosephbell

    drjosephbell Member

    i dont think its defective.. i think its a revo software problem or a 4g issue.. i'm having the same issue, it only happens with multipage text messages from other service providers.. i get multipage texts from verizon users just fine.. also it doesnt happen all the time, sometimes i get them from my at&t friends too. I've spoken to tech support lvl 2 or whatever verizon calls it and basically they reset something at their end and had me pull battery and 4g sim card and reboot. it surprisingly fixed the problem but only for a few days.

    Anyone else having issues id like to see your thoughts aswell and airdurdaller if you get any new info please post and i will do the same, i plan on getting back in touch with tech support this weekend.
  5. djembeman

    djembeman Well-Known Member

    I guess I shouldn't have thought this LG phone would be any different than my wife's scrapyard LG Ally. Meaning these LG phones just have problems!!! Over the past week I missed a whole bunch of regular texts from my wife and never ended up getting them. Who knows if i missed any from other people??? I was really multitasking at the time, listening to music and Google Navigation, but my Moto Droid never had that problem. I'm in a 3G only area right now and am running in CDMA/LTE Mode. July 21st we'll be getting 4G. On the day i know i missed texts I also had a Google Voice voicemail be severely delayed until the next morning. I don't get it! I don't know if it's better yet?
  6. sandystorm

    sandystorm Well-Known Member

    I have been using LG phones for 8 years now and I love them the best. Had a Samsung Fascinate and that has many problems with missed calls and Text messages going to wrong person. I love the Revolution and live in a 4G area and it works great and so does my husbands
  7. qgqlewis

    qgqlewis Member

    husbands?? wow! You go girl!
  8. ezryder

    ezryder Member

    I have the same issue, for the same reasons. Texts from AT&T get clipped if they're long. Once I got just a chunk of text taken out of the middle of a long text. AT&T sucks, big time, so I blame them.
  9. drjosephbell

    drjosephbell Member

    good, its not me, im going to relay that info to my girlfriend.. tho im sure she'll still blame me for something
  10. drjosephbell

    drjosephbell Member

    after going back and forth with verizon for weeks the problem was resolved.. sort of.. i've concluded it is exclusively AT&T customers.. but my messages dont get cut off anymore.. now this happens

    3 page text message is sent to me.
    i receive pg 1
    10 secs or longer go by (which is too long) i get page 2
    then pg 3
    then pg 1 again
    then pg 2 again
    then pg 3 again
    then FINALLY pg 1 again

    now in addition to this ridiculousness i get simple "hey whats up" messages from these same AT&T people and it comes through 4 times! litteraly 4 times, not duplicate or even triplicate but quadrature!

    Do you know how annoying it is when all i wanna do is play some 9 innings: pro baseball and my girl (who never stops texting) sends me a 3 page text that makes my phone go off like a GD machine gun cuz its reading it as 7 messages and she follows up with "hehe" that come through 4 times?!? i cant even hold on to my phone through all this

    so anyway i got through to "lvl 2" techs and they put out a ticket 7 days ago and supposedly now it went up another lvl to NBT? i dunno some network... experts? who are probably reading my dirty talk texts and pitching tents as a result but also "working very hard to get this issue resolved for me" or so im told...
    they even offered me a new phone to which i said...
    "its not this device, if anything its the revo in general, which i like so i dont wanna switch to something else (not until bionic comes out anyway), and theres no way im taking one of your refurbished certified pre-owned dropped in a pool pieces of crap, ive seen the tragic end to that story.. and not to mention im almost lvl 20 on paradise island and that **** dont transfer!"

    also side note! i just remembered.. the third time i spoke to "lvl 2" the ticket had already been put out and i was trying to check on it and the woman i was speaking with seemed to have been with the company for sometime cuz she knew her ****, so i picked her brain for a few minutes and i dont remember the exact question i asked her but she responded with a giggle and said
    "i probably shouldnt say this to you, especially since all calls are recorded, but im no good with this techy stuff!"
    !!!! seriously? your lvl 2 team says this? it was a direct response to a question regarding something about rooting or something she wasnt responsible for knowing, but still, im a customer, ur a high'er' lvl of tech support, u dont say that...
  11. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    i'm facing something similar but different. my gf is on the Revolution, and i'm on the Droid. we're in a 4G area.

    sometimes, i'll send her a single text message, and she won't receive it. she'll send me a text and it fails sending with a red 'x' next to the message bubble.

    then there's been something with phone calls too. i'll call her, it'll ring once, and i'll get the voicemail alert. on her end, she'll hear the one ring, and then it stops. she'll also try to make a call, get one ring, and it'll hang up.

    sometimes a message pops up that says "Your phone is unrecognizable" in either sending a text or making a call.

    anyone face something similar?
  12. ezryder

    ezryder Member

    I finally got rid of my revolution too many data connectivity issues with it. plus the battery sucks. I switched to the Incredible 2 . Not 4g, but the battery lasts all day!!!! Way better than the original Incredible.

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