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  1. iVapor

    iVapor Member

    Samsung Galaxy S - UK version - Orange - Not Rooted - Recently updated to Froyo 2.2 via Kies.

    Basically i haven't received any text messages since 12pm yesterday. Keep getting people to send me messages but none come through! Have tried putting my sim in another phone but it still didn't work! When i searched it people said a factory reset may help but wouldn't that wipe everything on my phone???

    Please help!! Thank you

  2. iVapor

    iVapor Member

    Just used the factory reset, and i'm still not receiving text messages!!! so annoyed!! just want to fix this!
  3. iVapor

    iVapor Member

    weirdly i installed another messaging app and they all came through!! problem solved
  4. Scared

    Scared Active Member

    When I updated to 2.2 I got about 7 messages that had been sent a week earlier :(

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