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  1. langum25

    langum25 Member

    Hi guys

    My girlfriend has a Cha Cha and I have a Desire HD. I can receive messages from her but she cant receive them from me or it takes an age for it to get delivered. Sometimes i cant even ring her from my mobile or the house phone. Both phones have a full signal and we can send and receive from other people. Any body else experienced this and has anyone got any solution?


  2. javedchano786

    javedchano786 New Member

    I have had also problem in some other phone (Samsung Galaxy pro b5510)
    actually there is problem of network coverage as I have observed and read forum comments
    in Android Ginger bread 2.1 & 2.2
    so I have sold new phone in half price
    and now I have Samsung Galaxy Pro B-7510 a good android phone
    with OS Android Froyo 2.2.3

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