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  1. az68vet

    az68vet New Member

    For some reason I can no longer receive picture text messages. It happened maybe a week ago.
    I am not rooted. I changed from the stock messaging app to Handsent SMS and when I discovered the issue I switched Go SMS pro instead. Still having the same problem. I assume it is one of my settings but I am not sure where to find it in the settings menu. I had previously deleted the stock messaging app and I don't know how to get it back again other than a factory data reset.
    Before I do the factory data reset I thought maybe someone could help me.

  2. TheRoosevelt

    TheRoosevelt Well-Known Member

    I think you're having the same problem I was having. Do you get a button that says "download" and when you press download, nothing happens?

    I don't know if I ever really fixed it, since I haven't gotten a picture message in a while, but I think it was only happening to me when my data was off.

    NMSPEED Active Member

    I have had this problem 2 times. One time before my factory reset and then after my factory reset....
  4. az68vet

    az68vet New Member

    The download was not my issue but I have fixed my problem.
    Since I deleted my original messaging app it affected my picture text messages.
    In the Advanced settings menu of Go SMS Pro there is an "important Tips" section.
    There is a box to check if your stock sms is uninstalled. I checked it and I can now receive pictures text messages.
  5. edcooper714

    edcooper714 Well-Known Member

    There is a problem with ICS if it has to switch radios from WiFi to 3g or 4g. I am running Go SMS Pro and have had the same problem sending and receiving mms messages. If you turn off wifi, set phone to airplane mode, restart phone and do not set wifi on all my mms messages work fine. As soon as I turn wifi on I get the same result you outlined above. I hope they fix it in 3.04. It's a problem with only a get-around as far as I know. But if you take the steps I mentioned it should work.
  6. edcooper714

    edcooper714 Well-Known Member

    Keep in mind that it's 3g or 4g that sends and receives mms not wifi.
  7. edcooper714

    edcooper714 Well-Known Member

    I'm curious. Are you using wifi or 3g or 4g when transferring or receiving mms?
  8. jbarhorst2

    jbarhorst2 Well-Known Member

    Mine did the same thing about a week ago. My wife's did not. Yes, they are set up the same. Called Verizon and they could not fix it without a factory reset. Works fine again now.
  9. primesuspect04

    primesuspect04 New Member

    ^^^^^^^WORKED LIKE CHARM THANK YOU GREATLY:D:D:D Ive been having this problem for ever such and easy fix and I never would have looked there
  10. surf1

    surf1 Well-Known Member

    This fixed the issue I was hvaing too, which was odd as I had been on an ICS Rom for awhile now, but like two weeks ago or so started not getting pics from anyone. Just updated to the new Shostock2 update, and same thing, no pics showing. But I checked off that box and the pic my sis sent earlier popped right up in the msg.
  11. Katsunagi Tai

    Katsunagi Tai New Member

    Not to update a dead thread but I'm having the same issue and this thread isnt too old as well. I'm non rooted and haven't even tinkered or anything with my messaging apps except when I first got my GN and started using handcent. Now all of a sudden I'm not receiving any type of pic message. I'm on wifi but that couldn't be the issue because I'm on wifi 99.9% of the time I'm at home and its worked before plus I still get texts. Is there any fix for this or will I have to do a factory reset?it just stopped working.

    I've cleared handcents cache and data and uninstalled multiple times but still no luck

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