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  1. estapler

    estapler New Member

    I have had my captivate for a couple weeks now and everything has been great. All of a sudden today I stopped receiving text messages. I can send them just fine. Nothing incoming though. I checked the max per thread and all that stuff. Any ideas?

  2. Lonn

    Lonn Member

    Yes! Any word on this? Its really annoying asi normally text all day. :(
  3. fafik90

    fafik90 Member

    I had that issue today. what i did as a temporary fix was take out the battery and sim, put the sim in a different phone and then the missing messages came. so after that i put the sim back in the captivate and it worked again. I had the phone for 2 days only. I read that it might be an issue with task killers

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