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  1. alsvtx

    alsvtx New Member

    samsung acclaim with us cellular.
    sent text message from to my acclaim but it did not come thru. what have i got set wrong?

  2. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    Is it only SMS messages from Myxer that are not being received? Can you receive messages from other people on their phones?

    Generally, if you can send, but not receive SMS messages, that is indicative of a message box filled to capacity. Houseclean your message box. In Messaging, tap your Menu icon and select Delete Threads.

    If you are able to receive from all but Myxer, I would be looking for a setting on Myxer. The phone doesn't care who the message comes from. It only cares that it is a message in the correct protocol format, and that is up to the sending source.

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