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Not receiving texts.Support

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  1. BoabyBain

    BoabyBain New Member

    Hey, my HTC Sensation XE has been having some problem recently. Sometimes when I receive a text the green notification light flashes but I cannot see the text that I received.

    This had led to a few tricky situations where my girlfriend has been getting very annoyed at me for not replying... sigh.

    Any information on how this issue could be ratified would be very helpful. :)

  2. If its on stock software , you could try a full factory reset but this will lose all texts and data etc .
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  3. lmccain

    lmccain New Member

    how do i do a factory reset
  4. lmccain

    lmccain New Member

    can't receive texts on my samsung galaxy precedent
  5. lmccain

    lmccain New Member

    help can't receive texts.

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