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  1. johnnewhouse

    johnnewhouse Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    i have a G1 on T-Mobile in the UK, and its a great phone.

    but, i do seem to have a problem with it.
    i often wake up and when i check my phone, it has lost connection at some point during the night. and if i try and make a call it says 'Not Registered on Network'.
    the only way to force the G1 to reconnect is too turn it off and then back on again.
    i have been with T-mobile for 2 years now and previous phones have not had this problem. i am also in a coverage area that gives me a minimum of 2 bars (and 3G coverage) from my window ledge (where my phone sits at night).

    Does anyone else have problems where their G1 randomly loses connection even though you know you are in an area with plenty of coverage :confused:

    also, if i leave it with no connection, and then drive to work, it still does not connect. even though there is complete coverage during the journey from many different antennas. that to me would seem as if the phone does not bother to try and reconnect once it has lost reception :mad:

    does anyone have any better ideas about forcing it to try and reconnect without turning it off and on again?

    if it matters, the build number is
    kila_uk-user 1.0 TC5-RC8 116470

    thanks for any advice in advance.

  2. johnnewhouse

    johnnewhouse Well-Known Member

    i will give T-mobile a ring tonight and i will update this with the results, just in case anyone gets an issue like this in the future.
  3. bobrocks

    bobrocks New Member

    Hello johnnewhouse, any chance of an update on how you got on getting this fixed?

    I have just got my g1 on Wednesday and I am having exactly the same issues that you were.

    Many Thanks
  4. danielbb

    danielbb Well-Known Member

    I had the same issue on 3 pay as you go UK. I just switched to o2 payg, best deal, and its perfect now. Tmoible pay as you go was fine for me though.
  5. cozzie121

    cozzie121 New Member

    hey, did anybody find a solution to this? was it the sim that was causing the problems?
  6. brandonjp

    brandonjp Member

    I would like to know more info as well. I just bought the Motorola i1 last night and still haven't been able to make a call because of the "Not registered on network" error. After an hour on the phone with Boost Mobile tech support, I'm no further along. (A partial transcript of my tech support call here: Venting & Warning...Ridiculous Boost Mobile Customer Service - Android Forums )

    Should I do a hard reset / wipe it clear / return it to Best Buy / give up on Android altogether?? At first, it was just mildly annoying....but now I'm starting to want part of my money back for the talk/text/web service that I can't use!!

    If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.

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