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  1. BlazeHN

    BlazeHN Member

    Hello friends.

    I got a S3 bought on the Tigo carrier, but I needed it to use it on Claro carrier. The day they give the phone to me I tested my Claro Sim and since all was good I decided to buy it. And actually it worked all fine for like 2 months, then suddently I got a "Cannot Register on Network" message, while on this state I cant make/recive phone calls or SMS but oddly I still have full 3G internet with no problem. Removing battery / SIM used to solve the problem sometimes but not anymore. I tried change SIM for a new one and still the same problem. Tried hard reset aswell and didnt helped. Its weird because I used it on Claro perfectly for 2 months then this happened. If I put a Tigo SIM it works all good. =/

    What do you suggest me to do? I need to use my Claro number.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Have you tried to call your Claro carrier?
  3. BlazeHN

    BlazeHN Member

    Yes, went to their agency and all, they dindt gave me any real solution (mostly because its a Tigo phone I suppose)
  4. madserboo

    madserboo New Member

    Very same as me, mine is been sent back to samsung next week
  5. hitman72

    hitman72 New Member

    Hi, if u r still having this problem with your S3 i may have a cure for it, i had the same annoying problem. My network is o2 uk. i spoke to them & they said they had no network issues in my area, so i took the back cover off my S3 & then i removed my sim card, i gave it a good clean & then i applied a bit of pressure to the small silver tray where u insert the sim card to give it a tighter fit & after i inserted my sim card back in the phone & re-started it i've had no problem since. Hope this works for u. Good luck
  6. UserName872

    UserName872 Well-Known Member

    Did you buy it from a retailer or an individual? You are sure it is unlocked for other carriers and additionally, is it possible that the device was reported stolen?

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