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  1. noobROOTer

    noobROOTer Member

    I am trying to take my branded skyrocket over to straight talk, and have run into a problem. I attained an unlock code and unlocked my phone successfully, but when I put my t-mobile compatible sim from straight talk in to the phone and try to make a call, it says Not registered on network. I have tried varying combinations of radios and roms only to have the same issue. I understand I will probably be flamed for this thread, and I apologize, but have been working on this issue for 2 weeks, with hours forum hunting for a fix.

  2. teddyearp

    teddyearp A guide with guides

    While I'm not familiar with your device, if it were me, I would possibly try talking to Straight Talk about a replacement SIM card.

    good luck
  3. noobROOTer

    noobROOTer Member

    And thank you much for the reply, but Straight talk swears by their sim card, and said that even if I unlocked the device, it is not all the way unlocked. I have never heard of this and have had 4 different people tell me this. I tried att and they said they can't help me obviously, because it is not their network, and the idiot I talked to at Samsung didn't even know what I was talking about and told me to contact straight talk.
  4. Showme

    Showme Active Member

    Wish I could help you out but cannot. I just wanted to say that I am on AT&T network and recently I keep getting calls, maybe two or three times a week, that I cannot answer due to a message that says Not Registered on Network. But, the next dozen or more times it rings, everything is normal.

    Is this more or less the problem you are seeing? Maybe someone will come around and tell us what that means.
  5. billb23ok

    billb23ok Member

    Here is my experience.
    I got a t mobile note 2 with a bad imei.
    I put my existing att straight sim in and worked just fine.
    Phone is unlocked
    Ported over to a t mobile sim and got not registered on network for 2 days but the sim would work in an att unlocked phone and a t mobile phone I got from a friend which had a good imei.
    I was on the phone with st about this issue for 2 days and there solution was to send me a new sim and that t mobile didn't have available lines in my area and couldn't guaranty service. So I ported back to an att sim. Works again.
    I believe t mobile is blocking the phone from registering as the sim worked and made phone calls and was able to set the voice mail. This happened on my s3 as well it also has a bad imei. Straight never even suggested that that may be the issue. If it is indeed not and if anyone figures out how to register on tmobiles network that would great.
    Ok so good sim bad imei phone got not registered on network. connect to t mobile network and it says sim not allowed.

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