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  1. jmufan

    jmufan Active Member

    Adobe flash is not compatible, any way around it when visiting sites that use flash? Also bought a extended battery 4200 hyperion, are there any covers that will fit that battery that has a kick stand?

  2. 661guy

    661guy Member

    you need to download it manually from the adobe website
  3. fourgee

    fourgee Active Member

    I did mine yesterday & it "worked"... but when I'm on a flash page the flash doesn't automatically load. I have to hit an icon to start the flash and once it starts I can no longer manipulate the page by zooming in or out, etc...
    My EVO works seamlessly just like my PC and I can still manipulate the screen.

    Good instructional video:
  4. jmufan

    jmufan Active Member

    Thanks, will do that.

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