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    So I havent rooted my phone and I dont think I could if i tried to be honest :thinking: haha but I like the look of some of the rooted phones apps.

    like the simplified date/time and icons. are there any apps out there that are root-esque looking without the rooting necessary for install? I'm really into the text date/time apps. they just look so much cleaner than the clunky sense clock which is also, massive. :(

    thanks so much!

    ex of what i mean:



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    May 4, 2010
    None of this requires root :)

    Yes. You can download LauncherPro (like the screenshots you posted). There you will actually be able to create your own Icons (text for example). You can also use AnyCut or BetterCut from the market to create shortcuts.

    You can find some text icons here:

    Also, here are a few links to some other icon options.

    And the clock itself is from Beautiful Widgets. There are many options for clocks there.
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    thanks guys! :)

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