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not rooted??

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  1. anvilgod

    anvilgod Member

    I flashed CWM and then applied update from SD card update.zip. It said it is successful. the phone rebooted. but there was no SuperUser app and Root Checker says that the phone is not rooted. Whats wrong?

    Please explain in simplest way possible cuz i just got the phone and i dont understand much.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. SlashQuit

    SlashQuit Member

    I've seen two "click'n'go' root apps.
    Unlock Root - Unlock Root of Android
    (Follow the instructions here, but you don't need to install the powersaver app.)

    I can't remember the name of the 2nd app but it's all over this forum.

    You'll also probably need to install the adb drivers first (like it says on the unlocker guide), which may prompt to automatically install when you plug in your phone to your PC, or you can get them from;
    HUAWEI Android Phones USB Driver
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  3. svendsvin

    svendsvin Member

    THX SlashQuit! Unlock Root did the trick. After many failed attempts to root my Sonic this finally did it. JOY!!! :)
  4. droidlok

    droidlok New Member

    Spent a great deal of time reading incomprehensible info while trying to learn to root my phone. SlashQuit post finally put me on the right track. Unlockroot.com worked like a charm. My phone was even on the approved device list.
  5. mrflomer

    mrflomer New Member

    Hi, my Huawei Sonic is on the UnlockRoot list and I have installed the usb driver ADB from Huawei, but each time I get FAILED TO GET SHELL ROOT, does anyone have any ideas?
  6. svendsvin

    svendsvin Member

    Don't know much about this, so I tell about my only trouble with UnlockRoot: It never worked on my 64bit PC. Only when I installed it on my old 32bit PC I succeeded and could root my phone.
  7. valterssonic

    valterssonic Member

    I rooted my phone very easy and fast from a topic in xda. There`s the one file called root.zip which u put in sd card, then start phoen in boot mode, after that select the apply update fro msd card, select root.zip, wait and its finished. But to do this you will need original rom.
    Heres the link for file root.zip

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