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  1. markw61

    markw61 New Member

    HI all,
    Just recently got the Razr i which I desperately want to love but there's a couple of things stopping me :(

    Firstly flash player - is this not supported because of the phone itself or is it 4.0.4. Is there any way round this issue?

    Secondly BBC iplayer requires BBC Media Player which will not install on the device - I get an error message saying "package file is invalid" after download.

    Any help or advice relating to these issues would be much appreciated
    Thanks, Mark

  2. Brian706

    Brian706 Moderator Moderator

    Hi Mark!

    To answer your first question, take a look at this article HERE.
    Pretty good sum up of what's happening to flash. Also in the article is a link to adobe where you can download the .apk files for all versions of flash for android. This does not however mean it will be compatible with your current software version.

    Unfortunately I cannot answer your second question because I am not familiar with your device or BBC media player. I did find a link though for the BBC media player .apk that someone is hosting on their DropBox. You can find that HERE. If you are having trouble with the play store download, there is a chance that you can just download the apk and install it. Good luck :)

  3. markw61

    markw61 New Member

    Thanks for that Brian

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