Not sure whether to keep ya Captivate.....

  1. txtigah

    txtigah Member

    hmm...GPS not working...big deal for me. I love the awesome screen, a little laggy and jumpy. ATT gave me a few days extension before I have to return. Might give the new Crackberry a whirl. Are we going to get a GPS fix soon??

  2. Steemax

    Steemax Well-Known Member

    Same here, they just gave me a 5 day extension, and i kinda fell for the 9800 so i might do the exchange tommorow, anyone else in this same boat?
  3. lilo

    lilo Well-Known Member

    There is a new version of firmware for Captivate (not officially released to customers yet). People found it today and started testing. Some reported GPS improvements but we might have to wait a little more to know the whole story. Check this link.

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