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  1. android man

    android man New Member

    hi all,

    when i first used my motorola defy: google accounts, facebook widget, twitter widget, ...., were synching regularly; i mean when an email came in, phone sounds a noise, calendar gets automatically updated, ....

    since a while, it doesn't anymore unless i do request the synch manually.
    i've been digging into the settings and can't find anything wrong ....
    anyone has an idea what's happening with my phone ?

    thanks in advance,

  2. ollyshaw

    ollyshaw Member

    Motoblur is a bit rubbish. If you find an account is not synching, remove and re add.

    I have done this with Facebook a couple of times and with an exchange server once.

    As a side issue battery performance may be lower as motoblur will be working very hard when failing to sync properly.

  3. jackiexx

    jackiexx Member


    did you get to the bottom of this problem?

    I have recently upgraded to adroid 2.2 and since then i cannot get any twitter widgets to update automatically. i have to go into them and click refresh. on 2.1 they worked fine. this is so annoying! can anyone help please?


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