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  1. i<3mydroid

    i<3mydroid New Member

    Okay so basically I have googled my little heart out read about a 100 threads and posts....and all the same with no real answers....

    So here it goes....
    My phone is low on memory you know fun little alert and everything...and i have 35 apps on my internal memory and 20 on my sd card....I am down to the BARE MINIMUM... i have app2sd... moved all that I could, cleared the cache with app2sd and just to be sure cleared it again with Quick App Clean Cache or whatever its called just to make sure nothing was missed...I wiped out my texts, emails, call history, and poked and prodded through whatever I could find on Astro and deleted it....backed up my pictures and deleted those as well....and I am still hovering around the 50mb mark on the internal memory...I'm not really sure if there is some folder that is hoarding all the memory somewhere just beyond my reach...but I really hate to do a reset on it and lose everything thats left....that would be more of a headache than I really care to take on...but if someone could please please please let me know if you have any ideas that I may have missed I would really appreciate it because at this point I am really at a loss... :( And I would love for this stupid phone to start working how it should again! Thanks in advance!!!

  2. akazabam

    akazabam Well-Known Member

    There are several things you can do to check, but start with this. Open Manage Applications, then go to menu->sort by size. That will sort all apps, including app data, by size. Select the first few apps at the top of the list to see how much data each one is using. Likely, one of them is using far more than its fair share. If that's not the problem, there are a few other things we can look at.
  3. 35 apps on internal memory...that's your problem right there. I don't know of anyone who has 55 apps on their phone that they use every single day of the week. Its like placing a bunch of software on a laptop you use every once and awhile. If I'm not playing games, using certain apps, or wallpapers I uninstall them. If I need an app I can always download the app in 1 minute. Even if I purchased an app I will still uninstall the app because your purchased is saved with the market.
  4. i<3mydroid

    i<3mydroid New Member

    55 apps isnt bad I dont think i mean thats what the phone is for....if I have to delete everything whats the point...? Though I think there might be a problem with how my contacts are saving bc it is using a lot of memory...think i will try to clean that up...thanks for the help though!
  5. Actually its called a smartphone not an app database. If you tell me you use 55 apps every single day I would call you a liar. Like I said if you aren't using apps uninstall them.

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