Not to brag or anything...Droid X is in my future!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by akkkmed, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. akkkmed

    akkkmed Guest

    Despite popular belief, I've had quite a few replacement (certified pre-owned) phones crap out on me. I spent 1.5 hours on the phone with Verizon tech support about new call quality issues. They couldn't help me.

    I found a few nights ago. So many stories about emailing company executives to get something done if you've taken prior steps already. (Customer service failed multiple times, etc..) So that night, I emailed 5 or 6 Verizon Wireless executives explaining my troubles.

    Sure enough, I got a call the next morning from an executive assistant. He asked me what he could do for me. He went over my account history and everything. In the end, he gave me two choices. 1. I can get a brand new, in the box Droid as a warranty replacement. 2. I can get any phone under $150 for free as replacement. If it's more expensive, then I pay the difference. A few conversations later, he said I can get the Droid X for $50 when it comes out on Thursday.

    Wahoo! Sorry for the pointless post, I just wanted to share my story with the community.

    (Oh, and I got my Droid for nothing after my multiple BlackBerry's kept breaking. I only spent $50 on the BB, so basically my Droid was only $50 instead of $200!)


  2. CardinalFan22

    CardinalFan22 Active Member

    Dec 13, 2009
    So basically your really hard on your phones and take advantage of the great customer service verizon
  3. IxI Dan IxI

    IxI Dan IxI Well-Known Member

    May 22, 2010
    can i do that too?????? lol
  4. chippy

    chippy Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2009
    KS, USA
  5. akkkmed

    akkkmed Guest

    Actually you're absolutely wrong.
    I think it's sad that in the world we live in the people who are cons make everyone else look bad. I in no way treat my phones, or anything for that matter, rough or hard.
  6. brnr17

    brnr17 Well-Known Member

    Dec 30, 2009
    i love how there's thread after thread about people who have problems with new AND refurbished phones. And then somone's who's had problems with their multiple phones posts a story about how verizon took care of them and suddenly they're taking advantage? If Verizon sent a phone that worked from the get go it would have been avoided. And you can't tell me that he's just tooooo hard on his phones and all refurbs they ship work like new. It's a cell phone, not an egg. It should be able to withstand a LITTLE abuse.

    keep on keepin on
  7. chippy

    chippy Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2009
    KS, USA
    This part right here is the one I'm concerned about.......... man oh man you must have the WORST luck in the WHOLE world if its happened across manufacturer and product! Don't play the lotto you might lose with that kinda luck!
  8. akkkmed

    akkkmed Guest

    Once again, I have bad luck with phones. If you would like I can explain every phone issue I've had?
    1. Curve 8530: Keyboard typed letters by itself. No ghost involved.
    2. Curve 8530: Battery died in 3 hours flat. New battery tried and didn't help.
    3. Curve 8530: Memory card slot didn't work and the screen had some dead pixels.
    4. Curve 8530: Replacement was physically defective. The keyboard and screen slid around in the housing.
    1. Droid: Battery died in 4 hours. Tested battery and everything. Definitely a phone issue.
    2. Current Droid: Call quality issues. Sounds like I'm in a tunnel or tin can.

    So once again, don't speak before you know what you're talking about. You are the one that looks foolish. Why would I come onto a phone forum and lie and brag about my broken phones? And if "I am just cheating Verizon", why cheat a phone company? Why not cheat credit card companies or banks or something?
  9. geekabilly

    geekabilly Active Member

    Nov 8, 2009
    Red Sox Nation
    At least you won't have to worry about custom ROMs mucking up that new X for the foreseeable future with that Milestone-like bootloader on it...
  10. dyno

    dyno Well-Known Member

    Jul 5, 2010
    who cares
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  11. AJ_EVO

    AJ_EVO Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2010
    Orange County
    Yes, if you complain enough most companies will take care of you just to keep your business. As the saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the oil :)

    Verizon "pays" $150 while you continue to pay $100+ per month. They make that money back in no time.
  12. MarkAllan22

    MarkAllan22 Active Member

    Jul 10, 2010
    I've kinda had to go through the same thing. I had a LG enV Touch, and not soon after I got it, I started having problems. It would reboot all the time, about 1/3 of the time, the phone would say it was fully charged, but once you took it off the charger, it dropped immediately to a half charge or so. Called Verizon, and told them and they sent me a replacement. Same exact thing with this phone, so I bought a new battery thinking I could at least put up with the random reboots if the battery charged correctly. That battery did the exact same thing. So I called Verizon again, and told them all this, and said I'd be willing to extend my contract for another 2 years and pay the price differential between my phone and another phone if they would let me, and they denied me over and over. They suggested to send me another enV Touch, but I just bought a BB Curve 8330 on ebay and sent the Touch back to them. If they didn't want my money, somebody else did, so *shrugs* :)

    Of course, now I'm kinda glad it worked out, as then I would have got a Droid, and now with my upgrade available, I'm getting the Droid X. I guess everything does work the way they do for a reason. :D
  13. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    May 28, 2010
    DB2 DBA
    You have listed 6 devices you had issues with (I think that is more than I have owned in 12 years). You can explain it all you want, by unless you have used 100 phones, I would say you are abusive on phones too.

    In my 12 years, I have returned one device for being "defective" (BB Curve). I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile and just set up the new device just like my old one. A few days later, I realized that voice mail wouldn't work. I returned it to a store where they couldn't figure out anything. They replaced the device and after setup, I had the same problem with the new device. I reset the device to the factory setting and realized the device worked fine. My problem was an app I installed on the device which screwed up the device. Not a device issue, not a T-Mobil issue, MY fault.

    So yes, there is a one in a million chance that you are completely innocent of any wrong doing, but based on your statistics, I would have to say you are partly to blame for your issues. You either installed something that caused your issues, sat on the device, you kid stuck it in the sink while you weren't looking, etc. It may be something you are completely unaware of that caused your issues.

    My advice for any new device, it charge the device correctly and then make sure all features work WITHOUT installing any 3rd part apps or changing any setting, etc. Once you can determine the hardware and software that came with the device are good, then start adding your favorite apps, etc.

    Good luck with your new X.
  14. bc6droid

    bc6droid Active Member

    Jun 29, 2010

    Man that EnvTouch was an evil phone, I feel you my EnvTouch does the same thing.
  15. akkkmed

    akkkmed Guest

    Well once again, I don't have to prove myself to anyone, nor anyone on the internet. Bottom line is that I'm not lying about anything. I've just had bad experiences with phones in the past year. And to say that I abuse my phones is wrong. I don't, because, well I have OCD and I take care of everything I own. I have to. And the result is perfect looking devices when I have to send them in for replacement.

  16. Jayme

    Jayme Well-Known Member

    Jul 7, 2010
    Near PDx
    That sux that you had issues with you phones :( . I've had issues in the past and Verizon replaced them. I think you did the right thing by sending the execs emails. If you want something done, you do what you have to do. You weren't getting the satifaction at the CSR level so you had to do something else. I'm glad Verizon when beyond what they had to do satisfy you. :)

  17. akkkmed

    akkkmed Guest

    Thanks for understanding :)
    That's exactly how I felt and still feel.
  18. Gummibands

    Gummibands Well-Known Member

    I have owned several phones that failed including the Motorola Krave and I was bringing it back every other week for some other issue. I'm not rough on my phones. I don't throw them into my purses, drop them, or run over them or anything. I have only dropped two phones since I've owned phones starting at the age of 12 and I only dropped them like four times. So, I get things happen with phones. Especially since phones are made cheaper and thus break easier. So don't justify anything to anyone, some people have amazing phones and some people get broken ones. Same way with laptops. I got a lemon of a Toshiba. The hard drive has been replaced 3 times already in four years of ownership. It's not been dropped, thrown, roughed up at all. It's perfectly treated, but it's a lemon. Some people just can't understand that I guess. But I'm glad Verizon was understanding! :D

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