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  1. angelmeesh

    angelmeesh New Member

    My Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 keeps dropping wifi at home. I have a Talk talk router. Some say change to a static ip address. Can you do that with the Note 10.1. Any other ideas?

  2. malkie0831

    malkie0831 Member

    I've had my Note 10.1 a week and am getting frustrated with the same problem. I'm using a Billion 770, 'N' enabled, with a second AP also in the house. I've checked signal strength, available bandwidth, also moved channels. Still does it sometimes, but not always. Can't beleive a static IP will make any difference.

    I have an iphone, BB and two laptops in the house, they don't do it.
  3. Caloy

    Caloy Well-Known Member

    I too have this issue. Both my note 10.1 and note 2 seem to have poor wifi reception. It's a good thing I have excellent LTE coverage for my phone. In my case it is not dropping the connection. It just freezes every now and then.
  4. nicech

    nicech Member

    download this app from play store. ''wi fi keep alive''. Go to settings of the app and tick 'always on'.

    restart your tab. then.
  5. diwlsn

    diwlsn New Member

    my note is doing this too... when using facebook or maps it will not connect using wifi but it also wont open with my 3g connection... but on the otherhand internet will open using wifi. can anyone help? cheers
  6. collett

    collett Member

    Hmmmm...thankfully, I have not had this problem. It doesn't seem like you should have to use a third party app to maintain wifi signal in your home. But, whatever works, I guess.
  7. diwlsn

    diwlsn New Member

    hi I've fixed it :) i changed the channel number on my sky router from 4 to 6 and added my phone as a trusted wireless station using its mac address :)
  8. collett

    collett Member

    Glad you got it fixed.

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