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  1. 1998teeth

    1998teeth Member

    Hi everyone!
    (Oopsie...I posted this in introduction forum on accident...sorry!!!)

    I've skimmed the threads and haven't found the I'll ask my question here:

    I have successfully installed Epson iPrint app, and it has recognized my Epson printer...but obviously there must be more to it, since I still get the "I only print on Samsung printers" error message. I know my printer is working because I can wirelessly print from my laptop.

    I think I am missing some setting screen/activity, but I can't seem to locate my error. Is there some setting on the tablet that I need to adjust? Can anyone help me?

    Thanks in advance!


  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    From the application you try to print from do you use the Share feature and choose the iPrint app to print it or do you just hit Print from the app you have the document open in?
  3. 1998teeth

    1998teeth Member

    I have been trying to print directly from the app (choosing "print" v. "share")

    Thanks for replying!
  4. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Use EStongs File Explorer, free in Play Store, tab on the file which you want to print and ES should you let choose your printing app.

  5. justnika

    justnika New Member

    When you open up your document thru epson iprint if you hit the 3-bar "settings" tab at the bottom middle of the screen you should get a pop-up that says print settings. Click that and make sure your printer is selected. If not, find the printer (Wireless version) and you should be ready to print from there. I tried to show you with screenshots but new users aren't allowed to so oh well. Hope this helps.

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