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Note 10.1 Serial Number Location?Support

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  1. mjtaryan

    mjtaryan Active Member

    I want to register my Note. The Samsung registration page says to use the SN on the device rather than on the box. I can't locate the SN on the device -- the only printing I can find on the whole thing is the name Samsung below the screen. I know I can probably use the one on the box, but does anyone know where the SN is on the device itself? Thanks.

  2. JohnB47

    JohnB47 Well-Known Member

    Mine is on the clear plastic film on the back, which ive left on.
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  3. JvdMaat

    JvdMaat Member

    It is printed on the back. Mine was on a white sticker on the clear plastic, but that sticker has peeled off (and the clear plastic started peeling as well, so I have since removed that).
    At the bottom, it will state the model number, FCC ID (US only versions I assume), power input, and underneath it states the Samsung phone number, and then the serial number.
    This is right above the WiFi and memory size.
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  4. mjtaryan

    mjtaryan Active Member

    Thanks to you both. I took the plastic film off (and stored it in the note's box). Most of my other devices have a permanently printed sticker or plate on the back with that info. I was assuming that the note would follow this pattern. There is a sticker on the film that has the model number and s/n, so I guess I have it. Thanks again for your help.
  5. swede54

    swede54 Member

    Try Settings / About Device / Status
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  6. mjtaryan

    mjtaryan Active Member

    Thanks. That was the most helpful. I'll have toremember that for the future.
  7. cactus girl

    cactus girl New Member

    I couldn't find the serial number either, but it is with the MAC WI FI ID. Here is how to find it:

    View MAC Address - Samsung Galaxy Note

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