Note 2 and S3; *why* do you love them?

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  1. elaniemay

    elaniemay Member

    Let me start with the fact that I am coming from an iPhone and am loving that I have so many options; I'm not used to this. That being said, I cannot decide. I am up for my upgrade in the beginning of April. I am having fun checking the phones out, getting used to the Android forums, and basically just drooling over phones.

    The two that I am strongly considering are the Samsung Galaxy S4 (depending when it is released) and the Note 2 (or 3 if that is out, but from what can find, it isn't rumored to be released until the end of the year). I have been reading comparisons between the S3 and the Note 2, since there is no S4 yet and I assume it will only be better than the S3 (hopefully the camera will be) and people seem incredibly happy with both phones. I know the Note is large and I am not sure how I feel about that. I am heading to Best Buy tomorrow to check it out and see what I think about the size. I do put my phone in my back pocket or hoodie pocket a lot, and I do not know if that would be possible with the Note 2.

    So I know most of you LOVE these phones, but why?

    Sidenote: I dislike talking on my phone, nut use it to text, email, browse the web, take photos, edit photos, and use Facebook. I care about battery life, speed (definitely want LTE), screen quality, reliability, and the camera quality.

  2. elaniemay

    elaniemay Member

  3. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello elaniemay.

    In my humble opinion, the best part of that post is that you are going to play with the devices you are considering. That is my credo and has been since way back in the MicroTac days. ;)

    Spend a lot of time.. annoy the floor monkeys about features, etc. Try not to let one of them lead you to the one s/he things is best.. just use the things in the store as much as you can, go through the menues, pretend like you own each one, etc.

    Then you'll end up getting the Note 2.. er, I mean the one you personally "fit" the best. :)

    Good luck. Have fun!

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