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Note 2 Freezes - must remove battery. Could be bluetooth related.Support

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  1. Bagadonuts

    Bagadonuts New Member

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 freezes and will not unfreeze or power off until the battery is removes. I have had my original Note2 replaced only to do the same thing.

    I am beginning to think it is bluetooth related; I have inbuilt bluetooth in 2009 Honda Pilot Touring Model and phone seems to hang either when auto-pairing or auto-unpairing is taking place (mostly when the car is turned off and the phone tries to disconnect bluetooth from the car). I have not had any problems like this with my Galaxy Nexus Phone using the same OS on the phone.

    Has anyone else experienced the Note2 freezing or locking up?

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  2. dave1812

    dave1812 Well-Known Member

    NEVER. I use the daylights out of it every day. And it pairs/connects up fine with numerous BT devices, including that in a 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid.
  3. rkling01

    rkling01 New Member

    Yes I've had the same issue. It happens occasionally not every time I leave the vehicle after I've been connected to blue tooth. Only recovery for me is the battery pull. Any thoughts on why this might be happening. My car is a few yrs old an 07. Thanks!
  4. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, Bagadonuts.

    Have you tried pairing in other vehicles? Also, have you installed or reconfigured any other media widget which could be introducing an intermittent conflict requiring a battery pull to make it stop?

    You might have to go through each app or widget in that category and disable or uninstall to see if that remedies the issue.

    I'd also go into the recovery menu and clear the cache partition, after clearing all other cache and data in bluetooth and other media stuff.

    Cache partition for the Note 2: Shut down the Note 2. Hold volume up + power key + home key. Wait for the Android robot to appear (just after the Galaxy logo in white) then quickly release all keys. Once the blue recovery menu list appears, use the volume keys do navigate to "wipe cache," then hit the power key. Wait for the wipe to complete, then the default "reboot now" will be highlighted. Hit power to reboot.
  5. HawaiiJohn

    HawaiiJohn New Member

    Hope this helps all. Mine was constantly freezing and had to take out battery to reset so after long thought I decided to turn on security and add a pattern unlock. Seems my issue was I had to add a pattern unlock. The default just swipe unlock was what kept freezing it. So if you have no password or swipe to unlock phone add one and try it. Been working a entire day and so far so good.
  6. HawaiiJohn

    HawaiiJohn New Member

    See my last response. Add a pattern unlock to phone. This fixed mine and I found it by testing.
  7. R4nd0mJ0k3r

    R4nd0mJ0k3r Well-Known Member

    Mine did this a few weeks back. Turned out I have one of the chips susceptible to SDS (Sudden Death Syndrome).

    The 4.1.2 update fixes this in that it corrects the error that causes phones with this chip to die after around 4-6 months. However, the 4.1.2 version currently available in the UK (think its DMB2) causes these crashes instead. My phone however is originally French, so its now running DMB6 and this has completely fixed the issue for me so far. Its been about 3 weeks and my phone is running like a dream.

    See here for more info:


    If you want to check for this download eMMC Check, if it says you have 'Insane' chip, then this is most likely the cause of your problems. If this is the case, empty as much of your internal memory as you can, then download Dummy File Generator. Run this a few times (5-10 is ideal), the phone may freeze during this process (sometimes for up to 20 minutes) but it will eventually unfreeze and carry on with it. This should aleviate the crashing for a while, but for me it would still occur from time to time. However I got DMB6 about 3 weeks ago now, and so far, the updates I get usually arrive on UK phones within two months.
  8. Larry_ThaGr81

    Larry_ThaGr81 Well-Known Member

    Every so often when I disconnect from my aftermarket in dash Sony bluetooth receiver. I'm forced to pull the battery and power the phone back up. I'm wondering if it's a backwards compatibility issue for Sammy devices running bluetooth 4.0.
  9. tompoyntz

    tompoyntz Active Member

    I have a very similar problem with my Note2.

    I have a 2010 Honda CRV. My phone has been crashing in a similar way to yours. I've been trying to work out the circumstances under which the crash happens. I always notice that it's happened after I have been in my car. I thought it might be the car charger that I was using, so tried not using that; but it didn't solve the problem.

    Now, I think it might be to do with bluetooth pairing with the handsfree system in my car. It's probably the same Honda system you have in your car. My phone also pairs with an OBD2 ECU reader I have in my car.
    I've disabled pairing on both of those devices, and will monitor the situation to see if it solves it.
  10. tompoyntz

    tompoyntz Active Member

    A quick update on this.

    I disabled bluetooth sync with my Honda handsfree system four days ago. I have not had a phone crash since. It looks like the bluetooth pairing was the cause of my freezing/crashing problem.

    Fingers crossed, that's solved the problem for me.
  11. tompoyntz

    tompoyntz Active Member

    A further update.

    When I had this problem, I was pairing two devices to my phone when in the car; the Honda HFT and an OBD2 ECU reader.

    After testing for several weeks now with the Honda HFT paired and not the OBD2 ECU reader, I have not had a single crash.

    So, either the OBD2 ECU reader is the cause of the problem, or simply having two devices paired at the same time is the issue.

    I'm happy now though because I can still use my hands free system in my car without the phone crashing. I don't need to pair the other device each time I go in my car.

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