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  1. cupcub

    cupcub Member

    Going to be switching from my aging Fascinate to a Note 2 soon, but I am surprised and annoyed by the complete lack of horizontal desk docks for the Note 2 (and many other phones as well). I can't imagine anyone wanting a vertical dock. When you watch videos, look at pics etc, EVERYONE want it to be horizontal. Vertical is the tool of the devil.

    And don't give me 'the usb is on the bottom' crap. My Fascinate has the usb on the top. and Samsung offered this dock...

    [​IMG]For Samsung Fascinate Desktop Charger Speaker Dock | eBay their OEM equipment, because they knew people wanted horizontal. It's really a very simple design that has worked exceptionally well for me over the past 2 years.

    And as long as I'm on it, Samsung also offered this vehicle mount for my fascinate...

    [​IMG]NEW Genuine Samsung Fascinate Car Mount Dock Verizon i500 Galaxy S *Retail* | eBay

    ...which allows both vertical and horizontal, charges the phone automatically, and works awesome.

    Am I supposed to believe that Samsung somehow forgot how to design mounts in the past 2 years?

  2. Osensnolf

    Osensnolf Well-Known Member

    Let us know what you find. I too want a horizontal dock. Not sure why most docks insist on your phone being up.
  3. Osensnolf

    Osensnolf Well-Known Member

  4. cupcub

    cupcub Member

  5. cupcub

    cupcub Member

    For those that are interested, there are a ton of aftermarket cases that either fold into a horizontal dock thing...

    [​IMG]Brown Deluxe Leather Card Stand Flip Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 | eBay

    Or have a kickstand that turns it into a horizontal dock thing...

    [​IMG]Red Black Hybrid Rubber Kickstand Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note II 2 N7100 | eBay

    Either way you'll still have to manually plug in the charging cord, but at least you'll have a horizontal stand the way god intended.

    If Samsung refuses to give consumers the accessories that they want, it's time to look elsewhere...
  6. Vegas863

    Vegas863 Member

    Does anyone have this dock? If so, I'm curious if allows charging if the phone has a thin TPU case on it or if it has to be bare? Any feedback would be great!
  7. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    You can always just turn a vertical dock on its side:

  8. cupcub

    cupcub Member

    Seriously? Yeah, that's what I want to do. Spend hundreds on the phone, another hundred on the dock, $50 for a kickstand case, all so I can put my phonoe in a situation where it will fall over at the slightest nudge.

    The original question remains. Why in the world has Samsung decided to not make docks that work right?
  9. LegalEagle1

    LegalEagle1 Active Member

    Or you could lay on your side. ��
  10. cupcub

    cupcub Member

    Update for anyone that is interested. Contacted Samsung customer service. According to them there are no plans to make a proper dock for the Note 2. And since HTC doesn't appear to make ANY docks for things like the DNA, I'm at a loss. I keep hoping the aftermarket will come up with something but so far nothing.

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