Note 2 vs. S4

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  1. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Well-Known Member

    Anyone considering the s4? I know I am not but I hope some of the software improvements on the S4 come to the note.

  2. rabernet

    rabernet Well-Known Member

    Nope, I'm very happy with my Note 2 and have no phone envy. :D
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  3. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Well-Known Member

    Samsung has already confirmed that all of the TW features on the S4 will be coming to the Note 2 and S3 barring any features that don't rely on the additional hardware that the S4 has (IR Blaster for controlling home entertainment devices, Pedometer for tracking steps, etc.).

    But no, I'm definitely not envious of the S4 and think it's a rather minor bump in hardware specs over the Note 2. The only thing I would like on the Note 2 that the S4 has is the NoTouch/Hover feature with your fingers, I love that feature with the S-Pen on the Note 2 and would love to be able to do it with my fingers too. The Note 2 could make better use of a 1080p display too, but at least the Note 2 has the RGB pixel arrangement and not Pentile like the S3 and S4. I'm sure it doesn't make much of a difference at 440 PPI, but I hope they fix that for the Note 3 like they did with the Note 2. It make a noticeable difference in color and clarity.
  4. andrewx77

    andrewx77 Well-Known Member

    I'm sort of deciding between the two, but leaning toward the note 2. The secondary question I'm pondering is whether to wait for the note 3, which will probably come toward the end of the year. I'm eligible for a new phone in may. I've read about a possible increase in size on the note 3 which actually is a negative. While I love the 5.5 inch display on the note 2, I think it is really the max I want to go to in terms of size.
  5. runamonk

    runamonk Well-Known Member

    Nope. I'm good for now. Maybe if my phone broke and I needed a new one. :)
  6. CYKBC

    CYKBC New Member

    I'd get it if I didn't have the note already. Else i'm waiting for new iPhone on Tmobile or get s4 if new button blackberry has weak app selection. I rarely use the stylus. Little too big for my needs.
  7. treven21

    treven21 Well-Known Member

    I am due for upgrade from my S2 April 1st. After much research I'll be going to the Note II.

    Everything about it including the battery is superior that I have found. I love the Note II screen size too.
  8. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    I'm very happy with the Note 2. This was definitely a better improvement on the original Note and glad I did upgrade to it. The S4 will be more of a downgrade in my opinion. No S Pen, not really looking forward to that. Notes are easier to take and drawing has been fun with the S Pen. :D

    Definitely wouldn't consider the S4. :p
  9. Barats

    Barats Well-Known Member

    Same here even though I have said that before. When the Evo4G was released in June 2010, I thought that screen was huge and no way would I get or need anything bigger. Fast forward 2 and half years and I'm using the Note 2, which is over an inch bigger in screen size and makes the Evo seem tiny all the way around.

    But 5.5 inches is about all I need for a phone. Once you start going bigger, and I believe it's supposed to be around 6.3-5 inches, that's getting tablet size to me.
  10. SixtyDashOne

    SixtyDashOne Well-Known Member

    The 1080p screen would be nice but I don't see myself wanting to downsize my screen any time soon, so I am still perfectly happy with the Note 2. I will wait and see what the Note 3 and/or S5 end up being before I consider upgrading.

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