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  1. bastus1986

    bastus1986 New Member

    I have had my att note 2 for a couple of months and didn't have a problem until last night. When I would get more than 15ft away from my router my Internet would stop working but I was still connected to wifi. If I stayed more than 15ft away and tried to reconnect to the 2.4ghz wifi I would get an authentication error saying I have the wrong password, I do not have the wrong password, it even happens when I use WPS! If I stand closer than 15ft from the router it works fine, this problem only happens at further than 15ft even though my router signal is full bars? I know it isn't the router because my gf has the same phone and it works fine, the only difference is hers is Android version 4.1.2 where mine is still 4.1.1, I have the same problem in my 2.4ghz wifi network at work but no problem on 5ghz? I have power cycled the phone and messed with all the settings and nothing helps, I changed the ssd of my home router and nothing works! I read on a sprint forum that a guy had the exact same problem and Sprint issued him a new phone, I want to avoid this at all costs because my phone is very customized. Has anyone experienced the same issue or found a fix or something?

  2. Ktest

    Ktest Active Member

    I too have experienced this issue (Sprint GN2). Actually returned my original phone due to continued and worsening issues with connecting to a router. New phone still has issues from time to time (at work and at home), but nothing like the last phone.
  3. Caloy

    Caloy Well-Known Member

    I have the opposite issue, I frequently disconnect on 5 GHz in my room, but good in the living room. I have no issues staying connected with 2.4 GHz. So I just connect using 2.4 GHz.

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  4. bastus1986

    bastus1986 New Member

    My phone is on ATT, my gf had the exact same phone so I don't understand? I guess it's my phone and I need to return it : (

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