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  1. Crazyguy5

    Crazyguy5 New Member


    I recently moved to Note 3 from I phone. This is my first android device.

    I am happy with most of the things. One thing that is bugging me and make me feel sick is Bluetooth integration with car.

    In i phone 5, If I am using Google Maps, blue tooth reads the navigation into my car speakers where Note 3 is not reading the navigation via blue tooth to my device.

    Calling and receiving calls are same both in I phone and Note 3.

    Bluetooth shorcut setting app is not opening in Note 3, where as my friend is able to listen songs and navigation from Phone to Car speakers. He is using Android LG G2.

    How to fix this ?

  2. selmerdave

    selmerdave Well-Known Member

    Is the voice guidance turned on and volume up (on the Note)? I don't have a Bluetooth connection to my car but with Bluetooth headphones it's no problem with maps.
  3. Crazyguy5

    Crazyguy5 New Member

    Yes, Voice guidance is on.

    I tried other apps. Sound about app worked but other issues showed up.

    I unistalled that.

    I dont know why Samsung Inbulit bluetooth shortcut is not opening..
  4. Crazyguy5

    Crazyguy5 New Member

    Anyone ?

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