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Note 3 sm-n900 exynos, finding stock firmware

  1. abarzua21

    abarzua21 Member

    Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can help me with this: I bought my note 3 a month ago, brand new in the box. It came with 4.3 stock. I rooted my note 3, then I updated my note 3 (through kies) to 4.4.2 without unrooting first (I know) but I did. So I'm wondering how can I get back to 4.3 stock and where would I find the stock firmware because I have note 3 sm-n900 exynos, I see so many roms, but how do I find out the region so I can download the correct stock firmware? Thank you in advance. I appreciate someone helping me.. I'm on T-Mobile network


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