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Note 4G LTE not sending SMS over 80 charactersSupport

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  1. thislooksgreat

    thislooksgreat New Member

    Hi, got the korean version of Samsung Note and the stock app for sms doesn't recognize any senders. That's the first problem.
    Second: it doesn't send sms over 80 characters.

    I installed apps like handcent and goprosms and still I can't send sms.
    I have 4.0.3 installed, just upgraded about 2 weeks ago.

    What other information can I give you in order to help me? I searched a lot! Nothing worked so far. Please help, I'm really frustrated with this issue.

  2. baaggii

    baaggii New Member

    Me too. Korean version, no sms sender info, and sms limited to 80 chars.

    Has anyone changed ROM with one of not korean LTE version?

    PLease kindly advise.

    I'm thinking to install another ROM from european LTE SGNote.

    But Afraid to brick
  3. sheilaanne26

    sheilaanne26 New Member

    Mine too sms limited to 80 characters. Find it hard to text long mgs. Help!

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