Note app that works from PC to Android phone?

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  1. Peterpoose

    Peterpoose Well-Known Member

    Hi folks,

    I have a HTC One X and I am after an app that I can type notes, lists etc on my PC first that will then sync over to my phone.

    I have tried Gnotes but I cant seem to find a PC download for it.

    I use Gmail for my business so would prefer for it to all tie in with my account.

    Just to clarify: Type a materials list on PC and it will be visible on my Phone :)


  2. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    Probably loads if you used 'search' ......

  3. fdbryant3

    fdbryant3 Well-Known Member

    If you have OneNote on the desktop then I recommend the OneNote application. If you don't have OneNote then I recommend Evernote (although you could use the web version of OneNote). Another one that I think will do what you want is SpringPad.
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  4. deltaforce

    deltaforce Well-Known Member

    Actually, no there are none (free).

    I tried simplenote with whatever server it uses for syncing but it wasn't great.

    So now, I just use google drive. Make new document for every note.
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  5. fdbryant3

    fdbryant3 Well-Known Member

    Actually Evernote and OneNote (and I think SpringPad) have "free" options.
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  6. Peterpoose

    Peterpoose Well-Known Member

    This works perfectly and as I subscribe to Google Drive already I have 25GB.

    Works perfect thank you!

    Thank you everyone for the replies :)

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